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Hey you! I'm Michelle, and I reside in Melbourne, where the weather fluctuates like crazy, contrary to the sunny bright beachy weather people tend to think Australia has all year around. But I assure you, we are an awesome bunch.

I never leave the house without a camera, and for that reason, I'm that one person who always trails behind everyone when travelling. I absolutely love photography, travelling, seeing and experiencing new things. I get an absolute high when watching kids play, or do whatever it is that they do. Yes, I'm that freaky girl three meters away, gushing away at the kiddo's adorableness like it's my job. And the thing is, I'm not even kidding like I would to a tourist: "Oh yes, for sure, I do ride a kangaroo to work and school." (jokes)

This blog is a place where I share my thoughts, inspirations and joy for photography and other things alike. I love writing, and blogging is just perfect getaway for me, because as outgoing and honest as I may seem here, like many people, I still struggle with letting my thoughts out loud. For all the times that I didn't speak up or say the right thing, I make up here on my blog. And believe it or not, blogging has opened this creative part of me I never knew I had.

Why don't you stay a while and join me right at the heart of my travels, adventures in Melbourne, life lessons and realisations and the sometimes funny little things that make life the best.

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