Friday, July 29, 2011

Why I Love Planes

I'd like to begin this post by stating that planes are simply amazing. I do not know what we would do without them. While I'm still waiting on teleportation to become accessible (and of course, my Hogwarts letter that is still yet to arrive), planes are the next best thing. It's just so incredible how we can now travel from one part of the world to another today. A big thank you to the Wright Brothers, we owe you one.

So, I'm a little in love with planes. In love, as in, I'm really grateful that we have planes because it allows me to go home every year. In love, because going home means seeing my grandparents and family. In love, because going home means spending time with my cousin Isaac and being part of his daily life. Sure, it's a long ten hours or so, but it's the best ten hours. It's tiring, and sometimes a little uncomfortable, but it feels absolutely fantastic awaiting to reach the destination. For me, it's seeing my loved ones.

For the most part, I think that's what plane rides are about when we're off on a holiday. I believe that plane rides are a significant part of the journey. We all spend our time differently on the plane, some people read, some people watch movies all the way through, and some people sleep all the way through.

My favourite part of plane rides is when we've arrived at the destination, and are going to touchdown soon. Beneath the clouds unveil what I like to call Legos of the destination. Then slowly but surely, the Lego blocks turn into larger Lego blocks. Then, we start to see details of little windows and rooftops, and large slosh of trees and greens. Then, before we know it, touchdown. And just like that, we've arrived.

What do you like most about plane rides? What do you like the least?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A wonderful find:

 Dear Photograph

It's absolutely killing me that I haven't found this website beforehand. Just stumbled upon it recently, and I absolutely love it. It's a collection of photos from the past within the present, at the same place, but different time. I'd like to try this someday. What do you reckon?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Things I learned this week...

It goes without saying that we learn new things everyday. Sometimes we learn harsh truths, forced to learn how to cope with something we've never done before, or learn that support isn't always there when we need it. Other times, we learn that the world that we live in is beautiful, we can either choose to live in the past or move on and we learn how to cope with the hard times. The thing is, it doesn't matter what you learn -- what matters is how you take upon your learning. That, to me, matters.

This week, I learned many things. About the world, about the place I live in, about the people I know, and about myself. I've had a busy week, and during this busy week, a lot has happened that has allowed me to see things from a different perspective.

I learned that it's possible to worry about something and at the same time,
smile because it happened.
Out of no where, I got a job last weekend. I've always wanted to work; why? Because I so desperately wanted to learn about the world outside the world I live in -- the working world. I wanted to experience, to be exposed to it, although I know it's not practical seeing as I'm already having trouble with managing my time as it is. And yet I took the job. Why? Because it felt right. Cliched, sure, go for it; but it really felt right.

After training for a week, it was my first day yesterday, and I was on my own. Yes, I worried about it, but left enough room to be happy about it too. Thing was, having a job was something I had always wanted, and although it's really not going to be easy, I'm really grateful for it.

There is not enough time in a day.
I really felt the pinch for time this week, even though I'm having a two-week break at the moment. There's just not enough time in a day, and not enough time for me to everything. You do one thing, and you don't think it'll take long, but before you know it, an hour is gone. Another hour is gone. It's crazy how time flies by so quickly in a day, and I guess the best we can do is make the best out of it. And be grateful that we have time. Because a lot of people don't have that luxury.

There is no use regretting over something you have no control over.
It's something that I really, truly learned lately, but I guess it came more into light in the past week.

I, like the next person, have a few regrets. Sometimes I feel responsible for everything that happens around me; fights between other people, people that I love, and things that happen which I felt shouldn't have happened. I know, I'm not a person of that much importance to have power over these things, but I feel responsible. I do, because that's just how I am. And lately, I've learned, or at least tried to accept, that things happen for a reason.

Thing is, we can't undo what is done. What is done, is done, that's what my mum always said. And she's right. There is absolutely no use wasting time regretting over something that we have no control over. Instead, we should look at what has happened, and try to learn from it. Alright, maybe allow a little regret. And then understand the reason behind the regret, and learn from it and create a change of outcome.

It's so much easier said than done, but let's focus one the future. Regrets can weigh one down so much, and drain us of the good things in life. Regrets are beyond change, but we're not. Neither is our future. I once read somewhere that "no experience is wasted." I like to believe in those words, and I try to take comfort in them. I hope that you, reading this, do too.

If we learn from our experiences, there is nothing at waste.

(The photo featured in this post is from my trip to Phillip Island last week - I hope to share that with you soon.)

Sunday, July 3, 2011

KK Diaries Part 3: Lok Kawi Wildlife Park, Sabah Malaysia

I haven't been to a wildlife park in a long time, so I was looking forward to spending a day at Lok Kawi Wildlife Park. I had planned to visit the wildlife park in my previous trip, but time hadn't allowed me to do so. The day of our visit was sunny, but not too warm - brilliant weather for a day at a wildlife park. Although the wildlife park was relatively small, it had a nice atmosphere to it, and I would recommend it to anyone upon visiting Sabah, Malaysia. Being someone who once aspired to be a zookeeper, I really had a wonderful time.

I was delighted by the orangutans, parrots and other wonderful creatures at the wildlife park show, which runs daily, every morning. And let me tell you, the stars sure put on a good show.

Although the photos do not do justice of the talent of the animals at the show, they really did put on a great show. I have recorded footage of this and am working on putting them together now to share them with you.

The proboscis monkey has never ceased to amuse me.

My first encounter with a baby proboscis monkey, and boy, is it a quick moving creature. The eyes tell it all.


This photo of the tigers being intimate with each other is not only one of the most memorable moments during my trip, it paints the nature of the three weeks I spent in Sabah, Malaysia. Looking back at these photos, it reminds me of the amazing time I had. I got to meet an adorable distant nephew who never stops smiling and laughing, spent more time than I could imagine with my nephew and was touched by those who took days off just to spend time with me.

It was incredibly endearing. I had absolutely no plans at all when I arrived in Sabah, but looking back now, nothing could've gone as well planned as these three weeks have.

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