Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Memorable Days

Memorable days are special days. They're the days we remember most. They're days that we associate with our loved ones, or days where something special happens. Wedding days are memorable. So is a birth of a child. The first day of school is memorable. And then there are the days where one single person or thing can make it a memorable one. Meeting a new friend. Splashing around in the rain. Helping a person and seeing that wide grin on their face after. Your little cousin finally walks. Someone you like asks you out. Someone completely random at the bus stop starts making conversation, and you talk and laugh for the entire bus ride. Those kind of days.

Going through my "childhood treasure" yesterday, I found a book full of my written compositions during my primary school years. I was not my best yesterday, and somehow, reading my innocent thoughts when I was at a much younger age made me laugh. I don't even remember writing them at all, but reading through them really did lift my mood. I realised what a twisted yet funny kid I was. Oh, those primary school days were just the best. Not all of them, but there was definitely some really memorable ones.

And I thank God for those memorable days. Those, and many others. I thank in advance for the memorable days that are coming my way. Because if it weren't for them, I will have nothing to remember my life by. Nothing to remember people by. I really do thank God for that.

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