Sunday, December 5, 2010

Think before you act

People don't always tell us how they feel. They don't tell us what's on their mind, and what they're going through. However, when they do find the courage to share what's going in their lives or just a shred of what they're going through, I think we all need to be understanding. We need to put ourselves in their shoes, and more than that, we need to listen. Perhaps, before saying something or giving advice, we need to first think about how we would feel if we were in their position.

However, there are times where we simply can't put ourselves into their shoes, and that's when we lend our support. Sometimes give advice isn't going to help. Sometimes lending our support and just being there is what is needed. I'm not saying don't give advice, but just give it at the right time, and really truly think about it before you go through with saying something that would seem silly if you really put yourself into their shoes. I think it's easier to give advice or just blurt out something when we're not actually going through the things that the other person is going through and don't have the full picture of what it's like. We have to take into consideration of their feelings and that they may have a completely different take on things, and probably, chances are, they will.

Sometimes it's comforting to have someone give you advice on what you should do, but sometimes, it hurts when it's advice not thought through at all. Be understanding. Sometimes a hug works better than a million words put together, and sometimes, that's all we mere humans need at our most vulnerable.

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