Monday, October 31, 2011

Learning from little kiddies, everyday.

There's a reason why I love children so much.

There are a few, actually. One, because they find everything so fascinating. Two, because they just say whatever they want whenever they want. Three, the way food dribbles off their mouth when they start to eat solids. Four, they ask the most innocent questions and see everything so simply. I love that. I'm not about to go all, 'my life is so complicated, I wish I was a kid' on you, but hanging with youngins makes me feel all warm inside. I love them for a thousand reasons, and a thousand more.

On the weekend, after giving her a piano lesson, my beautiful four-year-old cousin Phoebe asked me, in all seriousness, "Do you know your abc's?" Smiling, I answered, "Yes, sweeheart I do." She seemed very surprised and challenged me, "Well, do you know all of them?" I was so tempted to say no, just so she could be happy that she knew so much more than me.

With her sitting on my lap, we talked, and there was nothing more that could have made me happier after a full day of work. We just talked, and laughed, and laughed more. She's the type of girl I would've been proud to call a sister. She's the type of girl that any girl would be happy to have for a friend. She is, time and time again, the type of girl that charms her way into the heart of my heart; with her beautiful, colourful personality, she paints me with such clarity, with all kinds of colours.

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