Friday, July 29, 2011

Why I Love Planes

I'd like to begin this post by stating that planes are simply amazing. I do not know what we would do without them. While I'm still waiting on teleportation to become accessible (and of course, my Hogwarts letter that is still yet to arrive), planes are the next best thing. It's just so incredible how we can now travel from one part of the world to another today. A big thank you to the Wright Brothers, we owe you one.

So, I'm a little in love with planes. In love, as in, I'm really grateful that we have planes because it allows me to go home every year. In love, because going home means seeing my grandparents and family. In love, because going home means spending time with my cousin Isaac and being part of his daily life. Sure, it's a long ten hours or so, but it's the best ten hours. It's tiring, and sometimes a little uncomfortable, but it feels absolutely fantastic awaiting to reach the destination. For me, it's seeing my loved ones.

For the most part, I think that's what plane rides are about when we're off on a holiday. I believe that plane rides are a significant part of the journey. We all spend our time differently on the plane, some people read, some people watch movies all the way through, and some people sleep all the way through.

My favourite part of plane rides is when we've arrived at the destination, and are going to touchdown soon. Beneath the clouds unveil what I like to call Legos of the destination. Then slowly but surely, the Lego blocks turn into larger Lego blocks. Then, we start to see details of little windows and rooftops, and large slosh of trees and greens. Then, before we know it, touchdown. And just like that, we've arrived.

What do you like most about plane rides? What do you like the least?


Duncan D. Horne said...

I'm with you on this - aeroplanes are amazing and such a blessing of this advanced world we live in. I love staring out of the window at the clouds and the earth beneath, also the descent as you described when we get nearer and nearer to the land.

Duncan In Kuantan

Michelle said...

I couldn't agree more; I love the sight of the clouds from high above. I'm the one in the family who gets the window seat almost every time due to convenience, and it's such a plentiful sight from the window.

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