Saturday, July 31, 2010

Epic Fail

My USB epic-failed on me today. And I mean it. Of all things, my USB decided to epically fail today. Just went I settled the idea that 'yes, I will work for the entire weekend', it went and told me that, 'Nay, I refuse to work, and I will fail on you, because that's the way it is.' Yes. And I will now have to start my work from scratch. Three weeks of work. Called up my tech-uncles, and they said that USBs die after some years of use. Sigh.

I didn't know for a fact that USBs die. And for the last couple of hours, I refused to accept the fact that my USB has sadly died on me, and googled just about every key word I could think of that could possibly revive it. Went on about a zillion websites, loaded data recovery programs, but none of them worked. I am a tad upset about this sad, sad tragedy. I have worked till midnight every night for the last couple of weeks on a particular assignment and now it's all gone. And I had worked very, very hard on it.

But you know, it's taught me a lesson. BACK-UP EVERYTHING. And yeah, I normally do back-up everything on my laptop, but recently I've lacked off a little in backing things up because I thought, "Hey, I might trust my USB a little more from now on." I thought I could trust you, USB!

Haha, that was an excuse. I just never thought of backing it up after a while, because I soon trusted myself not to lose it and I never thought of my USB failing on me. Wish I thought otherwise though. But, oh well. I'll just have to start from scratch again. Alright, I'll blog again tomorrow.

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