Friday, July 30, 2010

Friend, I'll miss you.

I've drifted away from a friend recently. I've only realised how much I miss her today, when I found the CDs that she compiled for my birthday party a few years ago and started listening to them. And while listening to the songs that we both used to love, it's just amazing how we drifted apart so quickly. It's not like we fought, it's not like one of us started to hate the other person - it just happened.

And sometimes these things happen. I accept it fully, but I miss our friendship. I miss laughing with her about stupid jokes that we make up that don't even make sense to others, the things that we come up with and our obsessions. Thinking back, I had the best time with her. I guess we drifted away because of differences in the interest, but I suppose that's not all. Our friendship was the beautiful kind. God, I sound crazy when I talk like that, but I know some of you can relate. I don't know, but I had always felt a special connection with her and we had the best memories.

Playing soccer in the rain for hours, chasing her crazy-ass dog, choosing her pet-to-be mice and naming them together, talking on the phone for hours and hours - I miss that. I'm glad I met her, I'm glad we had the best times and I'm glad that it ended the way it did, and not bitterly. And I smile as I write this, because instead of  wounding myself in regret, I will treasure and remember our friendship forever.


Anonymous said...

i wasnt stalking or anything but hey i think i know who your talking about

anusha xx

Michelle said...

Yeah, I think you do too.
Thanks for being my friend, Anusha. You know, my graduation bear is just sitting on the shelf right next to me right now. Picking it up, I smile as I read your inscription: "Big ship, small ship, but ours is friendship." with pretty little drawn ships. I miss you, we should catch up someday.

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