Saturday, July 17, 2010

Music muse

I'm listening to the radio, and Smile by Uncle Kracker is on. Brilliant song. Makes me smile. Now that I come to think of it, it's amazing what music can do to people. It's a universal language that we all can understand and enjoy, no matter what language we speak. Music can make us feel sorrow, pain, joy, love and so many other emotions. We relate to music. It's something we turn to during times of hardship, painful times and times when absolutely no one can make it better.

I must say that I'm not particularly fond of the Gaga and Bieber music played on the radio these days, and for a while, I stopped listening to the radio. I started listening to John Denver, AC/DC and Jet again. The old classics. I listen to pretty much what my parents used to love and go out of my way to get the songs that my grandpa loves. And I know there are so many people who absolutely thrash old music. I'll have to agree at some point that there are some 70s tunes which I absolutely can't stand, but that doesn't mean that the whole decade's music's gone to waste, does it? We can't condemn music like that. I think it's good to have a broader mind about music, because when you think about it, without music from many years ago, music wouldn't have got to where it is today.

Music's evolved so much over the years. Has music gotten better? Or has it gotten worse? The debate can go on forever. But I think that's what's great about music. Today, we have such varieties of music that we can choose from. The genres, the artists and the sub-genres in the main genres are amazingly diverse from each other, which is, again amazing. Every now and then, I listen to a song on the radio and think, "wow, I'm so getting this song on my iPod."

That raises another point. Music on the radio today are not as good as it can be. There are so many great songs out there that are definitely radio-worthy. While I understand that the radio channels aim at a certain audience, it'd be just awesome just to have an hour out of the day where we just listen to great waiting-to-be-discovered artists.

Music's become our lives, and the saying 'I can't live without music' is definitely not overstated or exaggerated.

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