Monday, August 23, 2010

Being lost

A dove-like pigeon paid a visit to our house today. It was sitting outside right next to our window, and we thought, "Wow, what a beautiful creature." Then, after an hour or so, it still sat there, motionless. We got a little worried, and started to pay attention to it. I grew fonder of the bird, but I was equally worried that it might be hurt. Luckily, we discovered that it wasn't hurt, after I spotted a little metal band around it's left leg. It was a pet of someone else's, and this fact was confirmed by another fact that it's not afraid of us human beings, and wanted to stay near the house, instead of away from the house - which is what wild birds normally do.

Because it's cold out and we're afraid that a cat might attack the bird unguarded, Dad's brought it in and put it in a nice cosy cardboard box for the night. We'll let it out in the morning, and hopefully it'll go back to its rightful owner. I don't know how, but somehow the little lost bird got me reminiscing back to the times when I was little kid and felt lost.

I remember my grandparents bringing me to the local supermarket, and it was actually called a "hypermarket", for it was big and sold everything from your local groceries, food and the usual necessities at the bottom  floor, and your stationary and clothes on the upper floor. It was a big supermarket, and you could easily get lost if you were like me, who was at the time only about six or seven. My grandparents would never leave me unguarded for a long period of time, but there was once when I was left in the trolley seat for maybe thirty seconds, but man, did the thirty seconds seem long to me.

I felt so lost, even though there were friendly faces around me, but they were not my grandparents'. I was looking in all angles, right and left, right and left, and right and left again, thinking, "Where on earth are they?" Nothing was actually going through my mind at the time, because I was just so desperate for my grandparents. Eventually, of course, they came for me, but it was just so life-threatening to me at the time.

Of course, I still get that giggidy feeling sometimes when I can't find Mum in the local supermarket, but it's not so life-threatening anymore. Why? Well, I'm of course many years older now and my sense of direction is much better, and with today's technology, it's impossible to get lost. A mobile phone for calling a friend, a GPS that will tell you where to go and the trusty old map that is bound to lead you back to home. And hopefully, tomorrow the bird can fly back to its own home.

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