Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tasmania Adventures: Day 1, Devonport

My first photo of Devonport

I’m now sitting on the bus, waiting for the bus to depart Devonport for Launceston. It’s 7.13am and it seems as though everyone is sleepy and tired, as we were to wake up at 5.30am and I suppose not everyone is used to waking up that early. I look out to my right, and I see two ladies taking turns to snap last photos of themselves in this beautiful town, Devonport.

After a long ship cruise, we arrived in Devonport at around 6.45pm last night. As I had never been to Tasmania, it was hard for me to picture how Devonport would be like. In fact, throughout the 9 hours of the boat ride, Devonport had not once crossed my mind. I guess I was just too immersed in experiencing my first ship ride. When the ship had finally stopped with a halt, we went to the open air on the boat and it was then that I got the perfect panorama view of the town. Being me, I grabbed my camera at once and took my first photographs of Tasmania, and I haven’t even step foot on land yet.

From then on, everything was quick and easy. We picked up our baggage, and to my surprise, the bus was already there ready to pick us up. As we moved through the small town of Devonport, I noticed little things here and there about Devonport. I saw that unlike many suburban areas in Melbourne, many houses had large front yards, and most houses cared about their gardens, and this became more and more obvious as we moved through more houses.

It doesn’t take long before you realize that Devonport is a town which has decided to keep their greens and their nature, while developing a neighbourhood with facilities like a cinema, eateries, winery, clothing stores, dentists, doctors and supermarkets.  It’s rare to find a town that’s not fussed about building statuesque infrastructures and keeping up with the ‘trends’. Living in Melbourne, I experience the ‘trends’ and while I’m not about to condemn it, coming here into Devonport, I truly appreciate the small town-y feel and its beautiful parks and piers.

After walking around for about half and hour, Mum and I finally agreed on Pizza Hut. Mum had a margarita pizza while I had lasagna. After we had finished up, we went to Coles and bought fruits, yoghurt and fruit juice. It was a chilly night, but none of us complained as we had a great liking to the town and not even the strong winds could bring us down. We watched a bit of telly, snacked on our fruits and took our showers. We went to sleep at around 11.30pm, both exhausted.

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