Thursday, March 10, 2011

Looking back...

It is exactly a month to the my trip back to Malaysia. I'm really looking forward to see my family back home, and that excitement is mixed with a sense of myself not believing that it's only a month away.

Looking back at the photos from last year's trip, it really reminded me of the great memories I had. That trip was really special to me, not only because I got to see nature in it's rarest, and experience amazing views, but also because I got to spend a lot of my time there with my family.

I don't know it was, but I just had the kick in me to take photos of.. everything. Everything that amazed me, interested me, and it was just so wonderful. The photos featured in the post are ones I took during my stay at Kinabalu National Park, surrounding Mount Kinabalu - sitting at 4,095m - the world's 20th tallest mountain. And it's not just about the mountain, and the photos speak for itself. There is so much to be seen and felt there. So much nature, and so much beauty. I have been to the Kinabalu National Park many times throughout my whole life, and I'm always in awe every single time I'm there. It's really beautiful up there, and a great place to relax.


The Walking Photographer said...

Loving the photos :) Especially the one with the cows.

aminah wong said...

that lone puppy's pic is so mesmerizing....i could just stare at it the whole time wondering endlessly just like you, michelle! tks for sharing^^

Michelle said...

Thank you both.
Aunt Aminah, the puppy had that effect on me too. One of the reasons why I love nature is coming across something like this puppy, and there's something about it that is quite profound but I just can't pick out how and why, but it is, like you said, mesmerizing.

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