Thursday, August 4, 2011

Life After School

"What do you want to do after school?"

That, my friends, is the trending question of the moment. It's what I've been hearing a lot more recently, and it's not the good ol' playground talk that used to take place where we dream about being teachers and firemen and construction workers (that was my dream, anyway). It was serious talk, because it's getting to the time where we have to pick our subjects, choose our future.

And what exactly does that mean, choosing our future? Can we really choose our future? As I browse and flick through stacks of booklets promising guidance for those lost out of their minds, I realise that we can, but it's not an easy decision to make.

Back in my grandparents' days, there wasn't really that option of choosing your future, as far as careers go. It was simply what was available, what you could afford and for many parents, making the difficult decision to provide later education opportunities for some children and shortening some children's education, because at the time parents simply couldn't afford education for all their children. There weren't many options to consider, and even if one had great potential, their parents could not see it through. It was making the best with what you have.

I believe that it still applies today, but today's children are given so much more to base their career decisions on. Today, we are fortunate to have all the options in the world, and great people and tools to help us along the way. We can choose our future. However, choosing what career path we want to take on is really not easy because it's hard to identify whether we're making the right choices. We're doubtful whether we can go that far to make it ours. We're not sure if it's what we really want.

The future is not predetermined. Whatever my fellow classmates and myself choose to take on as a career, it doesn't change the fact that our future is not set in stone. So many things can change and alter our opportunities of getting there, and for the most part, that's worrying and exciting at the same time. Having said that, I do strongly believe that this is the time where we have the most control of our future.

How did you go about choosing your career path? Have you known all along what you wanted, or was it hard?
Did you predict that you'd be where you are now?

I'd really love to hear from you.
On another note, what are your thoughts on the new blog design?


Duncan D. Horne said...

I had no idea what I wanted to be until I became it - an English teacher!

And I like the new blog design, very nice :)

Duncan In Kuantan

Michelle said...

Oh wow, that's interesting.
Thanks for your feedback Duncan.

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