Sunday, November 27, 2011

the weird and wicked

the weird
- You never know quite how awesome you are until you give yourself a triple paper cut.
- Then proceed to peel your fingernail when using a peeler on a potato on the same day.
- Realising then of what an enormous clutzy missy you are.
- Or perhaps the fact that you really need some sleep. No, clutz it is.
- A quick glance at a new local restaurant's sign, realising that it misspelled 'Chiness' instead of 'Chinese' and wondering if you should tell the owner guy.

the wicked
- A lovely afternoon with absolutely lovely pancakes, with of course, absolutely lovely people to match.
- The just-on-time rainy days, with the beautiful swish swash sound of tires.
- The ahhh moments when having absolutely glorious coffee.
- Watching the little one on rollerskates, being oh so proud of herself.

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