Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've always liked Tuesdays. I think everyone has that favourite day of the week, whether we realise it or not. There is just that one day when you wake up and feel fresher than you normally are. Or maybe it's just me. And now that I think about it, it's never occurred to me as to why I like Tuesdays. I mean, out of all the other six promising days of the week, why Tuesday?

I guess Tuesdays have always been easy on me. There's really no rush on Tuesday, nothing to worry about in terms of work and just in general, relaxing. Tuesdays have always been nice, and I've always achieved good things on Tuesdays. Plus, NCIS, my favourite show, is on tonight. But then again,  my favourite TV shows, How I Met Your Mother is on Thursdays, Bones in on Sundays and my new favourite TV show, Law and Order SVU is on Fridays. With all these great TV shows, Tuesday still remains as my favourite. And it's not like I haven't had a bad day on Tuesdays, but it still remains as my favourite day. Why?

Hmm, perhaps it's the idea that Tuesdays are special that make me feel fresher in the mornings. Maybe it's all in my head. Now that I think about it, that could be true. Well, that's me rambling for the day. Have a lovely week everyone, and just out of curiosity, what's your favourite day?


Anonymous said...

I actually like Monday!! And I hate Wednesdays.. cos .. its just nowhere in between! hahahaha..
I used to like Fridays though.. i look forward to saturdays and sundays.. but i still like Mondays now.. i like new beginnings.. :) from 3e

Michelle said...

New beginnings.. I like the idea. I used to love Fridays too, just because it's the weekend and it's time to spend with the family, but like you, I'm swayed by another day - Tuesday. When Monday comes, I'll be thinking of new beginnings thanks to you. :)

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