Friday, December 31, 2010

Tasmania Adventures: Day 5, Back Home

We boarded the ship in the evening, and had a good night's sleep, before waking up to the lovely sunrise in the morning.

Standing by the window, watching the sun rise at sea for the first time, it was a wonderful feeling.  These past few days have been the best days I've had in very long time. To see the beautiful wonders of Tasmania, both natural and historical, it's an experience I will never forget.

Tasmania really amazed me in ways that I never thought existed, and it's a place I can say with great definitive sense that I could visit time and time again. It's just been such an incredible ride from the beginning, and I feel so lucky to have experienced it all. Not only have I learned so much more about Tasmania, I've experienced so much over such a short span of time, and it's just been amazing.

Upon arrival, with a bag on shoulders and luggage in hand, I walk out onto Melbourne. A rush of memories plays in my mind, reminding me what a great few days I've had.  Looking around, I realised that I'm home. And I love home, but boy, I wouldn't mind going back to Tasmania again.

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