Monday, December 20, 2010

This Christmas

One day I'd like to spend Christmas in a foreign country, perhaps where it snows during Christmas. England, perhaps? I'd like to learn about the different ways people celebrate Christmas. Deep down, I know that may never happen because during Christmas, all I do is snuggle in the comforts of my loved ones and you know what they say about being at two places at once. It only happens in movies. Sigh, there goes my dream.

I was texting my friend tonight, and she was talking about getting a water gun from her dad for Christmas. Yes, I know how weird this sounds, but trust me, it's totally legitimate. Anyway, she texted more telling me that her dad was only willing to spend $70 on her presents. While my mum said that $100 was the limit, I could honestly not stand the thought of $100 spent on me entirely. It's a ridiculous amount of money. And as I hit reply, and started typing, I realised -- I didn't mind at all if I didn't get a present this year.

I don't need a present. Why? Because I have all that I want this year. My family and friends have absolutely been beautiful to me, and honestly, that's all I ask for and could ever want. I'm lucky to have parents who can afford to buy presents for me, but I can do without the presents. I'm not saying that I'm not materialistic like most people in the world, because I am a human being who is naturally influenced by the surrounding advertisements and product commercials all around. I live in a commercialised world.

I guess what I'm saying is presents don't matter anymore. Over the years, the value of presents have dropped slightly for me, but it's only this year that I realise the real importance of Christmas to me. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have such good people around me. I'm a lucky girl, I really am. I wake up in the morning, and no matter how bad yesterday was, just replaying the voices and faces of my loved ones in my head make me smile. And that, to me, are my Christmas presents sitting by the tree.

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