Saturday, December 18, 2010

Unexplainable love

It's almost three in the morning, I'm tired and my ankles feel like they've been hammered, but I'm not complaining. Tonight I had a nice dinner at Flower Drum down in the city, celebrating the uni graduation of my twin aunt and uncle. Very much like my dad, I like things casual and prefer conventional food, but the restaurant had a nice setting to it and the food was pretty great.

While watching my lovely relatives gather around the table to celebrate this event, I came to realisation of something that has been right there in front of me the whole time, but it's just never came to view in my eyes. While watching my one-year-old cousin Jonathan cuddling sweetly to his mum and having the whole table of people adore him, I realised it and found myself in such awe of my sudden realisation.

When we're born into this world, we're already loved by so many. I guess it comes so naturally to us every day that we have people around us who love us, we don't realise it often enough to see it. It's not to say that we take love for granted, but I'm just amazed by this concept -- that people love us from the very beginning, even before we're born, and they don't even know who we are. It's amazing that someone could love another person without knowing them and without seeing them, but just feel the love for them.

And I'm so stumped by that. I ask myself, is that a scientific explanation for this? In fact, I don't even care if there is or isn't. I just find this.. this thing that has been going on for thousands and thousands of years absolutely beautiful. I guess it's something to do with bringing a life into the world, and knowing that he or she is related to you, and somehow, you're bonded.

For some reason, loving a new life about to be born is instinctive. It's human nature, and somehow, cannot be explained with a definite answer. We can't stop our hearts from loving something that we hold a strong bond to, eventhough we have never met them, seen them or touch them flesh to flesh. The love is just so powerful, and I find that so beautiful and enchanting at the same time.

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